Business Process Management
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BPM Six Steps
This six step approach is designed to help and ensure that your business is running efficiently and your customers are receiving the best experience possible.
Current Business Process Study
This step focuses on identifying and understanding how your current business processes are working. This will provide insight into areas that may need improvement or be more efficient.
GAP Analysis
This step is designed to identify any discrepancies between your current processes and the desired outcome. This will help you to focus efforts on what needs to be achieved.
Value Stream Mapping
This step involves mapping out the entire process of a product or service from start to finish. This will provide valuable insights into areas that may be more efficient, and help to identify bottlenecks.
Proposed Business Process
In this step, you will establish the proposed business process, taking into account the insights from the previous steps. This will help ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible.
Ongoing Improvement Framework
Establishing a framework for ongoing improvement is essential for success. This will ensure that your business is continuously evolving to meet customer needs.
Training and Mentoring
Provide training and mentoring to ensure that the proposed process is effective and consistently used.
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BPM Advisory and Consulting
Our experts offer business process management services across business strategy, process improvement, technology capabilities and project management to achieve your business goals.
Business Process Modernization and Transformation
We offer specialized BPM transformation services that facilitate seamless transitions, version upgrades and application modernization to drive progress.
BPM Automation Platform Implementation Expertise
We assist you in implementing and migrating to BPM platforms, enabling smooth legacy modernization and providing process modelling to streamline your operations.
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BPM Benefits that impact your bottom line.
Create higher efficiency
BPM helps improve efficiency, empowering your team with more time to do their very best work.
Adapt easily to changes
BPM will make you agile so that you can easily customize the process and systems to suit the ever-changing demands of your organization.
Reduced costs
BPM will help you drive strategy toward cost efficiency by streamlining business operations, fostering collaboration, automating tasks and improving processes.
Streamlined processes
With the help of BPA, you can use automation to streamline your processes to enhance both employee and customer experience.
Greater compliance and security
The BPM system gives managers organisational control over processes. It even assists in documenting and implementing internal policies & controls.
Excellent user experience
BPM delivers an accelerated and user-centric response and onboarding process, leading to an exceptional customer experience.
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Why V-Align for BPM Services
Industry Knowledge and Technical Competencies
Our BPM Consultants have deep industry knowledge and fully understand the unique challenges, regulations, and best practices within your specific industry. We specialize in customizing business process solutions to meet your industry's specific needs, helping you more efficiently achieve your business goals.
We identify functional silos and disconnected processes that are operating within your organisation.

In any organisation the synergy between departments, functions and processes depends upon a clear understanding of the intersecting areas between departments. Our domain specific expertise in workflow automation brings about coherence that is required to delight your customers.
Proven Methodologies and Best Practices
Our team utilizes proven methodologies like Agile, Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Management practices in business process management (BPM) implementation. Therefore, your organisation gets valuable advise and can align all its functions to build a strong foundation for continous improvement.
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