Email & Collaboration
Create, communicate and collaborate effectively
Facilitate effective collaboration through a comprehensive suite of applications designed for seamless communication and teamwork.
Improve communication & collaboration with Zoho Collaboration Tools
Improve productivity and communication internally.
Take control of your inbox
Efficient and secure email communication that prioritizes privacy.
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Easily connect your workplace
Enable seamless communication and teamwork.
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Empower your team communication
Simplify team communication with organized conversations and easily searchable information
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Online scheduling tool for appointments
Streamline your booking processes with a user-friendly interface and enhance customer experiences.
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Schedule and organize events with ease
Manage events and appointments, stay organized with ease.
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An impactful community engagement platform
Foster team connection with workspace and events, all in one.
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A learning management system
Capture, share and assess knowledge through a unified platform.
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Comprehensive online meeting software
Integrated audio conferencing, instant chat and swap screen-sharing.
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A comprehensive note-taking application
Capture ideas, create to-do lists and take notes.
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A cloud-based solution to integrate robust document editors
Get powerful document editing capabilities with external web apps.
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Elevate your office productivity
A secure and collaborative work platform that integrates across systems.
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A cloud-based spreadsheet application
Create and modify spreadsheets collaboratively
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Design and deliver professional presentations
Create, edit and deliver impactful presentations effortlessly
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A secure digital signature platform
With robust security, user-friendly interfaces and integration capabilities, Zoho Sign empowers you to securely sign, send and manage documents digitally.
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A collaborative work management tool
Discover powerful project management with intuitive and customizable features.
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Shared inboxes for seamless teamwork
A unified space of group emails accessible to everyone.
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Simplify and manage your tasks
Organize, prioritize and collaborate on tasks with utmost ease.
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Online file storage & content collaboration
Secure and centralized storage & efficient document sharing
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Create, edit and share documents online
Collaborate real-time with a user-friendly interface.
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A fast & secure transactional email service
Send transactional emails from applications or websites
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Improve communication and collaboration with Zoho Collaboration tools
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Client Testimonials
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Zoho Services & Solutions

We are working with V-align since last 3 years. Team support is great for technical issues and new implementations.

Durian Industries Limited
Zoho Services & Solutions

The company chose Zoho for one of key digitalization business need. For implementation, V-Align is our preferred implementation partner. During the implementation Uday and his team demonstrated excellent business understanding and fulfilling business requirements. This was first time Zoho was used in the company but the team left a very high impact. Thanks once again for the wonderful team which keeps on exhibiting excellent understanding of Zoho.

Dalmia Refractory
Zoho Services & Solutions

The V Align team is highly supportive and there is ease of implementation. Ms. Kiruthika provided exceptional support for ZOHO implementation. The requirement gathering sessions were great and were supported by required customization. Thanks

ICAD School of Learning PVT LTD
Zoho Services & Solutions

We are working with V-align team since Nov '19 to customise creator as per our business requirements. Team has been really helpful and cooperative. Creator also has been working as per our requirements and we are able to serve our customers better with this software. As it is a cloud based software,would recommend increasing upload speed for users with unlimited data access. In all good software and great team.

Bundl Technologies PVT LTD(Swiggy)
Zoho Services & Solutions

Zoho CRM plus is a for for our needs, but the campaigns modules could be better, given reputation impact seen is higher with Zoho Campaigns module. IT could be better to strengthen marketing module given campaigns is a important module but a weak offering from Zoho.

EI Design
Zoho Services & Solutions

The implementation partner has helped us automate functioning of an entire vertical. They have done a fantastic job. They understood our requirements in toto and deployed a solution that completely meets the ask. They have also been patiently supporting us till the process can be put in auto mode. We completely recommend V Align as an Zoho One Implementation Partner.

Vyakti Vikas Kendra India
Zoho Services & Solutions

Team supported lot and completed Zoho PPC and Order management successfully

Stanzen Engineering PVT LTD
Zoho Services & Solutions

Its a perfect app for the SME's.

Sarathy Geotech and Engineering Company PVT LTD
Zoho Services & Solutions

We were introduced to the idea of CRM by our digital marketers who wanted it. after going through YT videos we found that zoho will be an ideal solution. We contacted Mr Shetty who was very helpful and we had several calls over which we explained our requirements. They took some time to understand our business this of course is normal as they dont know about us. Once the team learnt about our requirements -The team was excellent especially Vignesh and Aftab. We have an ongoing association with them and they are great to work with and will give a great ROI for your business.

Magna Code Healthcare and Research PVT LTD
Zoho Services & Solutions

V-align team support has been great since start.Team has helped us in resolving our all the queries in time. Very good follow ups and on time availability as and when required.

Rapid Global Business Solutions India PVT LTD
Zoho Services & Solutions

V-Align played a crucial role in delivering an effective solution for our financial accounting management system that spans multiple entities, leveraging Zoho Books. The team showcased a high level of expertise, dedication and profound technical skills throughout the project. We thank specially Mr.Mohan who helped in building the Zoho creator as per our project requirement.

Machani Infra Development Corporation PVT LTD
Zoho Services & Solutions

We found V-Align as best partner for zoho application implementation especially for a manufacturing industry like voxelgrids.

Voxelgrids Innovations PVT LTD
Zoho Services & Solutions

As a partner, we had proper support. Anjali has shown tremendous support and implemented all the tasks on time. Looking forward to an amazing year ahead

Zoho Services & Solutions

We have onboarded V-Align as our Implementation Partner for implementing ZOHO at our Dubai Entity. We are very much satisfied with V-Align as our implementation partner to implement ZOHO CRM, Inventory, Books and People. We strongly recommend V-Align as ZOHO Implementation Partner, as having dedicated team of Experts, Developers, and Business Process Solution Providers for different industries.

Zoho Services & Solutions

Except the project got delayed due to some of your internals issues. Apart from that the Team is good and approachable easily. Major of my interaction was with Rishikesh and he was supportive at all ends.

Simnovus India PVT LTD
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