Industry-specific solutions for your unique needs
Regardless of industry, we provide specialized technology solutions to optimize your infrastructure, increase efficiency, and improve your client experiences.
IT and IT services
V-Align technologies has worked with numerous IT and IT services sectors. We offer tailored solutions designed to optimize your IT infrastructure, improve efficiency, and elevate your customer service experience. From comprehensive IT management platforms to advanced service desk solutions, we provide the tools and support you need to stay ahead in today's competitive market.
Our Solutions
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Support System
Finance and Expense Management
Project Management
Human Resource Management
Custom Solutions Development
Employee Engagement and Collaboration
Business Intelligence and Analytics
V-Align’s Manufacturing industry expertise help industry leaders drive business excellence by providing tailored solutions to address their unique challenges. From efficient inventory management and production planning to quality control and supply chain optimization, our services provide comprehensive tools to streamline operations and enhance productivity.
Our Solutions
Production Planning and Control
Order Management
Purchase and Inventory Management
Supply Chain Operations
Quality Management Solutions
Customer Support and Service
Fleet Management Solutions
Warehouse Management Solution
Trading and Distribution
V-Align offers trading and distribution enterprises an array of dynamic solutions designed to seamlessly streamline critical business operations. From optimizing inventory and order management to orchestrating CRM and sales automation, our suite of solutions ensures swift supply chain management and elevated customer engagement.
Our Solutions
Sales and Marketing Automation
Costing Estimation / Quotation Management
Order Management
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Optimization
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Real Estate
Secure the services and solutions your organization needs to stay ahead in the competitive market with V-Align Solutions. We offers a suite of solutions tailored to the unique needs of the real estate industry vertical. Our services empower you by providing tools for streamlined operations, improved customer management, and targeted marketing efforts. From managing leads and tracking client interactions with Zoho CRM to simplifying financial management with Zoho Books, these solutions help your business optimize processes and drive growth.
Our Solutions
Customer relationship Management Solutions
Property Inventory Tracking
Property deliverables and Payment Milestone tracking
Project Management System
Finance and Accounting Solutions
Customer Service Solutions
HR Management Solutions
Analytics and Reporting Solutions
The operations of NGOs are focused on achieving their mission and making a positive impact in the areas they serve. V-Align has extensive experience across NGO industry vertical. Our end-to-end solutions help you accelerate your digital transformation journey and enhance your operations. Driven by our commitment to creating a brighter future for everyone, we collaborate to bring in the enduring change. We provide easy-to-implement solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of an organization. Our solutions are designed to reduce costs and increase productivity, allowing NGOs to focus on their core mission and maximize their resources.
Our Solutions
Donation / Sponsor Management System
Funder / Grants  Management System
Asset Management Application
Financial Accounting System
Service Request Ticketing Tool
Expense Management
Reporting and Analytics
Document Management System
Experience streamlined operations, improved customer relationships, and increased sales. With vast V-Align experience in Ecommerce industry and Zoho’s tools for inventory management, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, and financial management, empower your team with greater efficiency, business growth, and streamlined operations.
Our Solutions
Order fulfillment solutions
Integration with payment gateways
E-commerce Management Solution
Integrated Online Store Management
Inventory Optimization Solution
Advanced Analytics solutions
Subscription Management Solutions
We have worked with numerous fintech organizations. We understand the challenges and are here to guild your business transformation. By Leveraging Industry Expertise to Drive Innovation, we help you to stay ahead of the Disruption, Win Crucial Competitions, and Deliver Future-Focused Services.
Our Solutions
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Support System
Finance and Expense Management
Financial Accounting
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Help Desk and Ticketing System
Information security and Data Privacy
Custom Application Development
Other Industries
We work with various industries across the globe.
Our Solutions
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Support Management Solutions
Enterprise Business Applications
Digital Transformation Initiatives
Finance Management Solutions
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